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Your Money Your Retirement Podcast

Mar 30, 2023

  • The value of a comprehensive written retirement plan.
  • What is fiduciary responsibility and why is it important?
  • What does a written retirement plan actually look like?

Mar 23, 2023

  • Will your money last as long as you do?
  • Understanding market risk and how it could affect your retirement.
  • Are you ready for 20-30 years of planned unemployment when the paycheck stops?

Mar 16, 2023

  • Expectations of the working spouse vs. the reality of the retired spouse.
  • Do you and your spouse agree on when to retire?
  • Can you afford it if one spouse retires early?

Mar 9, 2023

•             What’s the difference between the accumulation vs. retirement phase?

•             How will inflation erosion affect your retirement?

•             Why is tax planning so...

Mar 2, 2023

  • Are you eligible and vested?
  • Does your pension offer survivor benefits?
  • Can your employer meet its long-term...