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Your Money Your Retirement Podcast

Jul 29, 2021

  • How much influence does the President have over the market?
  • Taxes – Past rates, compared to rates today
  • How do you plan for future volatility?

Jul 23, 2021

  • The “why” behind a Roth conversions
  • The rules and limits to Roth accounts
  • Why tax-free is always better than tax-deferred

Jul 14, 2021

  • Retirement planning yesterday and retirement planning today
  • Timing your retirement
  • Making sure you have the overlooked pieces of retirement covered

Jul 8, 2021

  • How life expectancy and loved ones impact this decision
  • Understanding your entire retirement income scenario
  • How taxes play their role

Jul 1, 2021

  • Hiring an advisor who is not a fiduciary
  • Choosing an advisor with the wrong specialty
  • And much more!