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Your Money Your Retirement Podcast

Jul 8, 2024

It seems like every dollar you receive these days is taxable income. And with our country’s sky rocketing debt, chances are tax rates will be going up sometime in your future! That creates some real concerns! The good news is that the IRS doesn’t tax everything! We'll disclose things the IRS doesn’t currently tax.

Jul 2, 2024

After decades of paying those Social Security taxes, you may now be shocked to learn that up to 85 percent of your Social Security benefits could be subject to income taxes throughout your retirement years!  So, is there anything you can do to help reduce or eliminate taxes on those benefits?

Jun 27, 2024

When creating your retirement plan, are you approaching it like a space engineer designs a rocket? Or are you swinging wildly from strategy to strategy unsure what to do next? What you do, and how you do it, really matters! 

Jun 20, 2024

Your Money Your Retirement!  It’s not just the name of our radio show! It’s the driving force in our practice!  Today, we’ll review one of the most important chapters in Linda’s book, Your Money Your Retirement, as we focus on the number one question the BHC team is asked so often – Will your money last as...

Jun 12, 2024

When you think about retiring are you excited about your next chapter…or are you thinking that’s just what comes next in the cycle of life. Or, maybe you’re just happy to leave your job behind without any thought of what comes next.  Whatever you’ve been thinking, maybe it’s time to re-fire! And make the rest...